Stamping Mold Small Poles Urban Precautions

In the process of stamping mold design, some small hole punching, in general, as long as we have the strength of the punch, the stamping mold can be produced when the strength is greater than 1.5 material, but Some small hole punched convex molds and concave modes, still need to pay special attention, without discussing the problem, only to see some commonly used methods of protecting and concave molds

The impression given is approximately less than the simultaneous material plate thickness of the φ1.0mm small diameter, and the actual situation is that the actual situation is that if the guide precision is not enough, such a stamping Metal Stamping Tooling mold will not be For the design of the

For protection, the punching convex is as shown in FIG. 1, and the front section of the unloading plate convex mold is used to prevent convex mode. Damaged countermeasures

The relationship between P and B in the convex mode, in the design of B ≤ 10p

small hole convex mode, as B is dimensioned, convex The model is more difficult, and as a solution measure, the step of the step convex mode

P on Fig. 2 is used by D ≤ P + 2T, the reason is to avoid When the punch is dial out from the material, it prevents deformation inside, and the setting condition of the guiding length of the front section of the convex mode: the guide length ≥ the convex mold diameter

Further, the unilateral gap of the convex mold and the unloading plate is 0.003 The above

The design principle is to the minimum gap 0.003 of the oil film break. Of course, it is also a feasible

concave mode for convex mold

The main point of the concave die design is to avoid the problem of the punching waste within the concave die, and the key points The crux is that the desired falling force is large, and it is simultaneously against the punching force.

As a countermeasure, it should be shortened as possible to shorten the length (a), if possible, the monolith-by-single filming is a design concept

In principle, the falling hole (D inch) should beware of the size of the size relative to P inch. At the same time, if the D inch is reduced, the concave mode length (L) should be relatively shortened, and the anti-blocking countermeasure

The gap is greater than the conventional gap to reduce the stamping process

when machining If the conventional gap processing is used, the stamping surface will be pulled, and the reason for the remaining die of the punching waste

The most common problem of small hole is easy to break, if stamped High mold guide precision, the surface hardness of stamping materials is not high, I believe it is very guaranteed by using the above method, and you are very guaranteed