How to open the heating function of air conditioning electricity?

Air conditioning electricity is more and more applications in life, and it has also brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Let me introduce you how to open the heating function of air conditioning. 1, the water is clean, determine that when the electric heating pipe is required, it is necessary to put the water in the electric thermal container, and will remove the water pipe head with the safety valve, and other best space heater pipelines do not move. 2, after the water is released, the temperature of the automatic temperature controller and the manual temperature controller will pull out from the holes of the heater fixed disk, should try to avoid the tubular line of the temperature pipe, and then Connection related to the electric heater, the ground wire is removed, and the six (medium 8 mm) screws that secure the disc of the electric heater are removed. 3. Removing fixed disc inner wall welding has two blind tubes, which are used to place the temperature tube of automatic thermostat and manual thermostat. U-shaped stainless steel electric heating tube welded on the disc, the magnesium rod is fixed with a screw, can be removed by the basic exhausted magnesium rod, and the electric heating tube that has been damaged near the disc is wrapped off, and then put the disc On the table drill platform, the reinforcement is performed on the basis of the raw heating tube welding hole with a drill bit of φ12mm or φ14 mm, and then the electric heating tube is changed. The above is the introduction of the heating function of air conditioning electric auxiliary, I hope that everyone will help, if you have more knowledge you want to know, please call the electric heater company, we will be happy to serve you.